2XU Compression tights



wa1937b_blkstlI’ve heard so much good about theese compression tights from 2XU, so I decided to buy some – and I agree with everybody else!! They are REALLY great!

I’ve had sooo much difficulty in running since I always have shin splints 🙁
BUT I was able to run without any pain thanks to these tights! WIN 😀




Interval training on bike

ff1d05588b3d11e3849212b8c83db4d6_8I’m having an injuired shoulder AND never ending shin splints at the moment (AARGH!!)

Which forced me to be creative in my cardio sessions, since I can’t run or use the cross trainer due to my shoulder.

I’ve always hated using the bike at the gym, but now that it’s my only option I have to use it, and guess what,, I’ve actually started to like it 🙂

I do my cardio as HIIT/interval session, since it’s the best way of burning fat and improve your form.

You really should try this out.

You can do it on the treadmill and the cross trainer as well.

How I do it:

I simply mix sprint and normal tempo

I sprint for as long as I can (approximately 200m), and then calm down for a moment and then sprint again. You just go on like that throughout the whole workout.

For how long you can keep going, depends on your physic and form.

I did 20 km. in 43 min. and the fun part is to push yourself further all the time, and set new records!

It actually makes your cardio workouts fun! Believe it or not 😉

Fitness World Education

FW hold

So this is the group of girls I’ve been together with every weekend for the last two months during the Fitness Instructor Education at Fitness World.

It has been so hard but still sooo much fun and I’ve really got to know some very sweet and cool girls ! Yaay

This weekend we finished our examines and we all did so good – I’m proud to be part of this team 🙂

Fitness World Education


As mentioned in my post “behind the blogger”, I am about to become a fitness instructor soon, which I’m so excited aboout!

Yesterday we had the Pulse/Strenght class, which was really hard. We did a lot of AMRAMPS, On the minute, TABATA etc. which resultet in a lot of Burpees – Yaaay, everybody loves them ,, right!? 😉

Ps. I’m so sore today – I can barely sit down on a chair!!

IMG_9836 IMG_9837

Yeap, that’s me bending over, after doing a “frog jump” run – I’m done !! Haha

Progress = Motivation


I was kind a loosing hope on progress, since I didn’t felt that my body was changing that much any more! – But DON’T loose hope, you are constantly changing your body when making an effort, slow progress is better than no progress!! And sometimes you just need to see the progress “black on white”, so I took a new picture in the period I felt that there was no progress, and you know what happend!? – I realized that I actually had made some progress – YAAAY!!

The first one is taken mid July and the second one was taken mid September, and as the picture shows, there has been some changes on my body.

So whenever you feel down or feel that you don’t make any progress, believe in yourself, keep going! – Cause you sure won’t see any progress if you quit!!

Hep hep – you can do this !! 🙂