Red curry chicken with cauliflower rice


Holy moly this was the BEST dinner I’ve had in a while!!

Do yourself a favor and try this out!

Recipe (2-3 servings):

450 gram chicken breast filet

2-3 tsp red curry (be careful it’s strong! – I used 2 tsp)

2 tsbp fish sauce

2 tsbp peanutbutter

1 red bell peber (cut into small pieces)

1 apple (cut into small tubes)

1 glass mushrooms

1 can of coconut milk

To do:

Heat a bit of oil in a pan and add the red curry

Fry the chicken 4-5 min. (cut into small pieces)

Add the apple, red bell peber and mushrooms and fry a bit

Add the coconut milk and let it cook for 2-3 min. and then add the peanutbutter

Let it cook in medium heat for 5-10 min.

Meanwhile blend or cut the cauliflower finely and add boiled water for ½-1 min.

Serve and enjoy 🙂

I topped with broccoli (slightly cooked), shredded coconut, raisins and hazelnuts (peanuts will do too).


Protein cookies

IMG_1408I haven’t made protein cookies in a while, so last night I decided it was about time.

I don’t have any exact Measurements, since I just mix everything together.


3 ripe bananas (mash with a fork)

1 scoop 100 % whey protein (I used this one: ) – but anyone will do!

Sunflower seeds

1-1½ tsbp cinnamon

2-3 tsbp shredded coconut

Glutenfree oats

Mix everything together (add oats/sunflower seeds until you have a “dough”)

Bake at 180-200 degress for 20-25 min.

They are great as pre- and postworkout snacks!

Enjoy 🙂

Interval training on bike

ff1d05588b3d11e3849212b8c83db4d6_8I’m having an injuired shoulder AND never ending shin splints at the moment (AARGH!!)

Which forced me to be creative in my cardio sessions, since I can’t run or use the cross trainer due to my shoulder.

I’ve always hated using the bike at the gym, but now that it’s my only option I have to use it, and guess what,, I’ve actually started to like it 🙂

I do my cardio as HIIT/interval session, since it’s the best way of burning fat and improve your form.

You really should try this out.

You can do it on the treadmill and the cross trainer as well.

How I do it:

I simply mix sprint and normal tempo

I sprint for as long as I can (approximately 200m), and then calm down for a moment and then sprint again. You just go on like that throughout the whole workout.

For how long you can keep going, depends on your physic and form.

I did 20 km. in 43 min. and the fun part is to push yourself further all the time, and set new records!

It actually makes your cardio workouts fun! Believe it or not 😉

Omelet with salmon mousse

53d760ca902011e3b231121be1a27614_8This is a great choice for lunch, dinner and postworkout meal.

Filled with lots of protein!

Recipe omelet (1 serving):

Mix 3 eggs with salt/peber and other seasoning of choice

Fry in a pan (has to be thin)

Recipe salmon mousse (1 serving):

1 piece of fresh salmon

1-2 tsbp skyr/Greek yoghurt

½-1 small red onion (diced)

Fresh lemon juice (taste how much you like)

Salt/peber/dill to season

Mash the salmon with a fork and mix everything together

Add the salmon mousse on the omelet and enjoy 🙂

Breakfast parfait

8d83db34915e11e3927d12fd8d397d26_8So this is what I eat for breakfast almost every day, and no I never get tired of it!

I’m always excited about having breakfast 🙂


Skyr (desired amount)

Defrosted raspberries and blueberries

½ scoop 100 % whey protein powder (I use Bodylab Vanilla and Crispy Cookie, which you can buy here: )

Mix everything together and make layers of granola (I use Glutenfree from Urtekram)

Top with granola, shredded coconut, gojiberries, mulberries and hazelnuts

Enjoy 🙂