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Progress = Motivation


I was kind a loosing hope on progress, since I didn’t felt that my body was changing that much any more! – But DON’T loose hope, you are constantly changing your body when making an effort, slow progress is better than no progress!! And sometimes you just need to see the progress “black on white”, so I took a new picture in the period I felt that there was no progress, and you know what happend!? – I realized that I actually had made some progress – YAAAY!!

The first one is taken mid July and the second one was taken mid September, and as the picture shows, there has been some changes on my body.

So whenever you feel down or feel that you don’t make any progress, believe in yourself, keep going! – Cause you sure won’t see any progress if you quit!!

Hep hep – you can do this !! 🙂

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